31 Business Flavors

I'm delighted to share that the course I helped one of my clients, Crystal of Crystal Clear Photography, develop and create has been included in a Bundle Co. offer.  This offer gives you access to 31 different courses for female small business owners for $99.50.  Yes, I did type that correctly!  It's like a business Baskin-Robbins®!

For the price that you would pay for a single course, you can have access to 31 on a huge variety of topics like finance, branding and design, social media, marketing, podcasting, and getting hired.  It's really kind of insane, but the offer is only available through June 11, 2019 at 11:59 PST.  And if you happen to sign up, look for Crystal's course, the Flatlay Method!

To access the Bundle Co. offer, click the button below.

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