Another Friendly January Reminder

The January reminders continue!  Last week I talked about an easy to overlook detail on your website that you'll want to make sure you update in the new year.  This week, I want to remind you to conduct a text materials review.  Bah!  Text materials review sounds too boring and dry.  Let's just call it spending a bit of quality time with your business info.

Businesses ALWAYS change over time in big ways and small ways, and it's easy to forget to update your online and printed materials.  However, it's not fun for clients when they read something on your website or in a flyer and then find out that you don't offer that service anymore, your prices have changed, your hours have changed, you have a different process now, etc.  So the beginning of a new year is a great time to go over your business info and make sure that everything reflects your current state of business affairs in places like the following:

  • Your website copy
  • Your social media
  • The business sites you may be a part of (like LinkedIn and Alignable)
  • Your business listings on Google, Bing, etc.
  • The printed materials that you regularly use
  • Your contracts

I've got another January reminder coming up for you next week, so stay tuned...

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