Creative Speak: Spacing

Spacing: the nothing between things.  A lot of the time, we don’t think about spacing too terribly much unless we need to hang a picture on the wall or we’re crossing our fingers that double line spacing will make the paper the length the professor specified.  But when you partner with someone who is doing creative work for you, spacing should become something that you are very aware of and specific about.  It will make your designer happy, I promise.  

For example, when you look at any website page, there are spacing specifications alllllllll over the place.  The web designer had to tell the web page how wide to be, how far different element containers should be from each other both horizontally and vertically, how far different elements should be from each other both horizontally and vertically, how far lines of text should be from each other both horizontally and vertically, how far apart individual letters should be both horizontally and vertically, how all of these spacing values should behave in different views of the page (computer, tablet, mobile), etc.  These values are usually set in pixels or percentages of other items, such as the page, element container, etc.  

If you wanted to tell your web designer to fix a spacing issue on a page, an extremely helpful way to talk about it (which is, of course, what I know you want to do) would be to identify the element that requires the adjustment, identify the type of spacing that is the problem (vertical, horizontal, in between, etc.), and identify the change you want made (increase, decrease, create, delete, etc.).  If you are working with your designer in person, then be prepared to defend yourself because they may just try to kiss you on the mouth.  

This same process of 1) identifying the element, 2) identifying the type of spacing, and 3) identifying the desired change will work with any design project that has some kind of visual aspect.  And it will have the double benefit of making you one of your designer’s most favorite clients while GREATLY increasing the likelihood of you getting what you want in your project.  

P.S. This post is the first in what will be an ongoing Creative Speak series.  So stay tuned...same bat-time, same bat-channel...

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