Creative Speak: What Font?

Psssst.  I've got a font secret to tell you.  If you've ever seen a font that you liked and wondered what it is, I can tell you a way to find out.

The smart people at have created a free service called "WhattheFont" that allows you to upload an image to their site or take a picture with their mobile app.  The font in the image is then matched up with their font database to give you their best guesses of what the font is.  Cool, no?!?!

I used this service recently with a client project where I needed to take a font from a logo and use it in a video. And while I didn't have the exact font that WhattheFont recommended as the closest match, I did have one a tiny bit further down the WTF list that was close enough for what I needed to do.

So now you know my font finding secret.  Have fun being a font detective!

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