Digital Material Sources

Use the sites listed below to look for materials for your projects with Flannel Creative.  Some sites have free options (which may or may not require attribution), while others require you to pay varying fees, purchase credits, or have a membership or account in order to get a license for the material.  But all of the listed options are royalty-free. (For info on why royalty free components matter, click  here.)  

These sites are listed as a resource for clients only.  Flannel Creative does not receive any benefits from you choosing one of these resources over another, and we aren't endorsing any of them.  (However, Flannel Creative does have a Digital Juice account and can acquire and use materials from that site in your project.  We also have an Elegant Themes lifetime membership and can use any WordPress theme on that website at no cost to you.)  Your experience with any of these sites and its products are the responsibility of the site’s owners, not Flannel Creative. These sites range from large companies, free repositories, small passion projects, and everything in between. But since we don’t know where you will find the video, image, illustration, or music that will make you gasp, “IT’S PERFECT,” we’re listing them all.  

This is an evolving list, so we’ll continue to add resource sites here as we come across them.  And, since the Internet is ever-changing, if you come across a link that isn’t working, we’d love to know so we can get it updated.  Thanks!