Geek Speak: WordPress Backup Plug-in Recommendation

Aaaahhhh.  Backups.  Like a digital hug and insurance policy in one, they give us the safety and security of knowing that even if something goes wrong with a WordPress site, all is not lost.  The website can be restored from that lovely little copy we stashed away for just such a time as this.

Depending on your hosting company, your backups may be taken care of for you as part of your service fees.  If so, that’s great!  Happy dance for you!  But not all hosting companies do this or provide quite enough storage to make the amount of backups you would like.  That’s when UpdraftPlus becomes a fantastic plug-in option so that there can be a happy dance for everyone else, too.

There are many great backup services and plug-ins out there, but what really sets apart the UpdraftPlus plug-in is it’s robust features at the FREE level.  You want to schedule your backups?  Sure.  You can do that for free.  You want to save your backups somewhere without a storage fee, like Google Drive?  UpdraftPlus has you covered.  And it does all of this with an excellent track record for reliability that doesn’t cost you a dime.

The only downside?  Set up can be a little tricky, but you can either have your website creator do this for you or commit to very carefully following the provided instructions.

So if you need to address your backup situation, UpdraftPlus can be a great way to do it and get WAY more than you pay for (since you pay nothing at all).  And if you need even more functionality, there is a paid version with all the whistles and bells.  For more details about UpdraftPlus, go here.

(No, we don’t get any kickbacks from UpdraftPlus, and we’re not associated with them in any way.  We just like their plug-in.  What we are associated with is letting people know about quality plug-ins, especially ones that are free or low cost, that can serve them well on their WordPress websites.)

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