Geek Speak: WordPress Post Scheduling

November has begun, and we are now firmly in the holiday season.  As the holidays often involve going over the river and through the woods to visit family, I'd love to give you a tip on how to schedule your blog posts in advance with your WordPress website.  That way it won't matter if the river, the woods, or grandmother's house has a good Internet signal.  Your post will be published automatically for you by your website at a time you have set.  Just follow the instructions below to get everything set up faster than a Black Friday store dash.



1) Begin a new post by choosing Posts > Add New from your WordPress dashboard.


2) On the right hand side of your screen, look for the Publish box.  Next to Publish immediately, click Edit.


3) Choose the date and time (24 hour clock format) at which you would like your post to magically publish on your website.  Then click the OK button.


4) The publish box will now display the date and time you chose next to the words Schedule for:.  And when you are done entering content and settings for your blog post, just press the Schedule button to finish complete the process.


Now you have less tech details to worry about during your holiday travels and maybe just a little more time for pumpkin pie!  Hurrah!


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