Mind Meld

Do you remember the Vulcan mind meld from Star Trek? Okay, we're not Vulcan. But we very much want to make sure that brains are on the same wavelength before we start any project together. That's why Owl10 Creative Services clients begin with a Mind Meld Meeting, a 60-90 minute session that we use to talk about you and your business and plan your project.

How does it work?

Mind Meld Meetings are actually scheduled a week or two out for larger projects and a few days out for smaller projects. And here's why.

When you schedule your Mind Meld, you will fill out a questionnaire about you, your business, and what kind of project you would like to complete.  We don't love doing questionnaires either, but in order to give you the best value we can during your session, we need to know this information.  You will then receive prep materials about your type of project.  You'll need to go through these materials, fill them out to the best of your ability, and return them to us at least 24 hours before your scheduled Mind Meld.

Maybe this will seem like a lot of work up front for you.  But here's the deal.  Although we love a good laugh, we are serious as Vulcans about doing a good job for you.  To waste time gathering information during your session that could have been collected in materials beforehand would be, in the words of Spock, "highly illogical."

By doing things this way, we'll both be well prepared to actually dive into the details of planning your project when we meet.  We'll discuss where your business is at and where you want it to go. We'll look at your ideas and the steps we would need to take to make them a reality. We'll examine the avenues to your marketing goals. And we'll make sure that your project and our business are a good fit before we both get committed for the long haul.  But whether you choose to move forward with us or not, you will be ready to get your project rolling.


The Price

And how much does this meeting cost?  We can get your project plan in place for $150.  And if we don't need all of the meeting time to plan, the remaining time will be credited to you as working project time instead.


If you're hoping for some good things to happen for your business but don't have a clear path, let's Mind Meld!

If you have a great idea but are not sure how to implement it into reality, let's Mind Meld!

If you have more on your business plate than you have the time and ability to do, let's Mind Meld!

Do you need a little more info before you’re ready to commit to the Mind Meld Meeting? That’s OK. You can schedule a free 15 minute “First Contact” Meeting to ask your questions by clicking here.  And if you’d like more info about why all Owl10 Creative Services clients start with a Mind Meld Meeting, click here.

***To view the Mind Meld Meeting Agreement, click the link below: