We've been busy making wings to let client's online ideas fly.  Here you can see what some of our clients have had to say about us and examples of our work in several areas.  And we'd love to encourage you to click through and check out client websites, projects, etc.  We've been privileged to work with some pretty amazing people who are doing some pretty amazing things!


My favorite aspect of working with Jenny is how much I can trust her.

I trust her to be reliable in doing what she says she will do. I trust her to be consistent in showing up on long-standing projects (we’ve worked together for months with weekly commitments). I trust her to communicate if things need clarifying or shifting around on scope or timeline. I trust her to exceed expectations every time.

She does beautiful work and I LOVE PAYING HER because it’s always 3-5x more value than the money!!

Jenny is a rockstar and I’m deeply grateful she is part of my business! Highly recommended - I give her ALL THE STARS!!

It has been super easy working with you. The process was super smooth. Communication was a breeze. And the end results are beyond my vision. The images are all really professional, clean and totally on brand, and I really appreciate your attention to detail.

I could never have done this myself nor edited the videos to tell a story. I'm too caught up in my own business to see the story that is there. I loved the editing--how you broke apart very long detailed videos into short snippets that were meaningful. And I love how you mapped it out for me on a proposed webpage design.

I think your name says it all--Creative. It's not just video editing, it's not just web design, etc. You really do have a creative spin to your work which is valuable.

Jenny is amazing to work with. She sees the details and the big picture. Most importantly, when you visit my website, you are visiting me. Jenny helped me to put who I am and what I believe in into my website.


Complete website, image work, SSL certificate, some video editing - click image to view

Complete website - click image to view

Wix site redesign - click image to view

Website redesign and addition of several pages - click image to view

Complete website - click image to view


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Development of a workshop into a full Thinkific course (including outlining material, constructing course in Thinkific, inputting materials into Thinkific, expanding materials, course video editing, marketing video editing, editable .pdf creation, proofreading & review) - click image to view


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