Project Spotlight: Erin Garcia Testimonial Videos

Today, I want to spotlight an enjoyable project I've been doing for Erin Garcia of  Erin is a down-to-earth but fun business coach for women who are starting or growing their own service-based businesses.  I can HIGHLY recommend her because she is the business brain who helped me start Flannel Creative.   And it has been a delight to make these testimonial videos that will allow her prospective clients to know what working with her is like and the results her clients have.

So now to the project itself...

The Intro and Outro

Erin and I first developed an intro and outro for her videos to introduce her brand at the beginning of her videos and to let viewers know where to go for further information after the video.  Erin selected and purchased the background video material and music; gave me her logo, color codes, and fonts; and told me what she was envisioning.  I took the materials and inspiration and plugged everything into Final Cut Pro.  And a few revisions later, we had something with which we were both very pleased.

The Interviews

Next we needed interview material.  Erin contacted the interviewees, set up agreements with them, and provided the interview questions.  The interviewees were able to choose an interview with Erin or myself, and these interviews were recorded over Zoom or Skype so interviewees never had to leave their own offices or homes or even put on pants if they didn't want to.

The Editing

Then it was time to edit.  40 to 90 minutes worth of material had to be winnowed down to a 5 minute or less video.  So the best bits of each interview were taken to tell that individual's story of their business before coaching with Erin, what coaching with Erin was like for them, and what results they've had because of their experience with Erin.

The Finished Products

After adding the intro and outro to each interview, we had finished products to upload to Vimeo for use wherever Erin's online heart desires.

Would you like to see the results?  Then hop on over to Erin's results page on her website.

And if you think that interview testimonials like this would be helpful to your business, schedule a Mind Meld Meeting with me today to get your project started.


P.S. We've also been able to use the material from these interviews to make videos about specific subjects, like Erin's business mastermind group or her initial session, with quotes from several of the interviewees.  So the interview material has been useful for more projects than one.  Bonus!

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