Project Spotlight: Kami Orange Video and Audio

Today, I'm excited to introduce the projects I have been doing for Kami Orange.  Kami is a Practical Intuitive Coach who helps people understand their spiritual gifts, connect to their GUHP (God-Universe-Higher Power) more fully, and be light workers here on the planet.    Kami runs her own membership library of video materials and has a program to train others to be coaches in her light work modality.  To say she is inspirational would be a gross understatement (!!!), and it has been delightful to be a part of growing her business through providing video and audio editing services.

Kami does a lot of teaching through Zoom classes and conference call environments.  These methods produce raw video and audio recordings of the sessions.  However, in order to have those sessions be ready for her students and membership library patrons, they require some polishing.  While people join a call or Zoom class, there can be a good amount of dead time, and technical difficulties can cause issues at any point during a recording.  Through the magic of video and audio editing, it has been my pleasure to wave my magic mouse and make those sections of a recording disappear! 😉  The raw recordings also do not have any branding associated with them.  Kami gave me her fonts, colors, and logo so that I could develop a custom, branded intro and outro for her videos and ensure that a watermark appears throughout them.

Kami and I were also able to work on materials to promote her coaching program.  Kami did interviews with coaches who have completed her coaching program through Zoom.  She also recorded herself presenting information that she wanted to share as part of the videos.  She then sent me the raw recordings and lists of specific portions of those recordings to use in videos on particular subjects.  I took those clips; put them together; added intros, outros, watermarks, and music; and... We ended up with quite a lovely series of short videos introducing various aspects of her coaching program.

In addition to the short videos, Kami also needed to create a webinar to introduce herself in depth and really get into the details of her program. Kami recorded all the information she wanted to present and created slides that she wanted to insert at various points throughout the recording.  She shared these materials with me, along with a document of which portions of the recording to use and time marks for inserting the slides.  I then put it all together, added some music, and voila!  Kami had almost an hour and half of awesome video for people interested in her coaching program to watch.


So if you have raw video or audio recordings that you would like to polish into a presentable and pleasing product, let's talk!  Learn more about the Mind Meld Meeting, the initial project planning session, or hop on over to my Schedule page to get the process started.

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