Online Product Design

Do you have a great idea in your head for a product but need some assistance getting it to take flight in the outside world? No idea left in the idea stage can improve your business, so let’s collaborate to make it a reality. We can work with you to take your idea and form it into an eBook or online course so you can share what you know far and wide and get paid for it, too.


Design & Production:

– Designing the look and feel

– Designing the structure

– Setting up the look/feel and structure

– Inputting your content

– Formatting your book for your chosen distribution method

– Sending you the files to upload to your chosen distribution method

Online Course


– Designing the look and feel of your course
– Designing the structure of your course
– Setting up your content distribution method
– Creating the look, feel, and structure of your course in your chosen distribution system


– Creating needed content
– Inputting the content

Hatch a Plan

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