January Reminders, Part the III

In my series of January reminders, I’m on part 3 this week.  And…it’s about scheduling.  (Click on these links for part 1 or part 2.) Do you use a scheduling app or service of some kind on your website?  (For instance, I use acuityscheduling.com.)  If you’re one of the many small business owners who do, […]

Another Friendly January Reminder

The January reminders continue!  Last week I talked about an easy to overlook detail on your website that you’ll want to make sure you update in the new year.  This week, I want to remind you to conduct a text materials review.  Bah!  Text materials review sounds too boring and dry.  Let’s just call it […]

A Friendly January Reminder

Today I just want to give you a reminder from your friendly, neighborhood website designer.  It’s a new year, and if you’re like me, then it may take you a few tries of writing the new year before you remember it without effort.  And… you just might forget to update that little copyright year notice […]